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Bike Fit

Bike fitting Surrey’s riders since ‘78

Bike fitting is essential, its not just for riders that race

Our bike fitting service is headed up by Paul Smith. Paul has been bike fitting riders for over 30 years.  Paul (by a long road) is the most experienced bike fitter in Surrey. Period. Not only does Paul bike fit, he provided input into the design of bikes such as the Van Nicholas’ Yukon, their best selling bike in the UK.  Now that’s a real bike fitters claim to fame.  If you want your bike fit done by the best please complete the form below to schedule an initial consultation.  

Oh and if you purchase a bike from C&N which costs over £2000 we will include a Dynamic Bike fit for free   How about that as an incentive to buy from your LBS - Free bike fit not available on Cyclesheme purchases.


Essential Fit - Sizing Fit: £60.00   

This fit is perfect is you have just purchased your first road bike and want to benefit from improved comfort by checking and optimising your key contact points on your bike or someone looking for a new bike, we know how confusing manufacturers sizing can be,  avoid what can be a costly mistake, with our sizing fit we can help you choose the perfect size.

Our Essential bike fit is a slimmed down version of our more comprehensive Dynamic bike fitting.

  •          Interview covering cycle history, injury and discomforts on the bike
  •          Basic flexibility test
  •          Leg extension – saddle height optimised
  •          Saddle - width and tilt checked
  •          Stem - reach and height adjusted
  •          Bars – width, drop and reach assessed
  •          Recommendations on any parts needing replacing to achieve better fitting
  •          Bike measurements recorded

Dynamic Fit: £120.00 

Our Dynamic fit is perfect for more experienced rider, club cyclist and sportive riders who ride for over 1 hour at a time and use clip in pedal system.

  •          Interview covering cycle history, future goals and aspirations and cycling limitations     
  •          Assessment of flexibility, range of motion, stability and asymmetry
  •          Assessment of foot dynamics
  •          Cleats correctly positioned for comfort and injury prevention
  •          KOPS – correct knee over pedal position set
  •          Seat height, fore-and-aft and tilt
  •          Seat to bar reach
  •          Handlebar stem height
  •          Handle bar width, drop
  •          Brake leaver hood reach, height and angle checked
  •          Bike measurements recorded

Dynamic Tri Fit: £160.00                                                                                                                                                                         

Our Tri / Time Trial fit covers all the aspects of our dynamic fitting, plus a custom analysis of proper aero bar set-up

Sidas custom footbeds: From £65.00


Not sure what size bike you need? 

It only takes a few moments to complete our bike sizing form with your basic measurements, 'Sizing form' after which we can recommend the size of bike you are considering.